chatbot saas

Chatbots have been around since the early days of Facebook Messenger but it wasn’t until recently that they became mainstream. Chatbots offer an easy way to add functionality to your website or app without having to hire developers. They can also help you boost engagement on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. A chatbot is essentially an artificially intelligent computer program designed to perform human-like tasks such as answering customer questions or performing simple transactions for users. The best part about these programs is that they’re able to do this at scale while requiring little maintenance from business owners.

chatbot saas

Furthermore, Engagi comes bundled with dozens of readymade templates enabling you to choose a template that matches your overall aesthetic preferences. Finally, Engagi offers unlimited storage space meaning you never have to worry about running low on room. You can think of chatbots in terms of three general categories – Consumer, Enterprise, and Social Media.

What are the core functionalities of a chatbot platform?

If you were to try implementing a bot into your workflow without it, you would risk giving users incorrect information. Customers expect to receive support over their preferred channels—whether they’re interacting with a human or a bot. For example, a bot can welcome website visitors and ask them if they want to contact sales.

In this article, we will figure out if it suits your business and how to make use of it. This can include wanting to automate your business’s most common customer interactions. Its intelligent chatbot features are in their infancy but will show a lot of promise once they are out of beta. Laiye is an enterprise AI chatbot and automation platform for businesses delivering support at scale.

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By integrating with ChatGPT, is training its chatbot to become a conversational expert. ChatGPT is a chatbot based on OpenAI GPT-3 language model, which allows users to interact with AI in a conversational format. ChatGPT is trained on a huge amount of text data and can generate humanlike texts based on the input given. It can answer questions, admit mistakes, and reject irrelevant requests. Did you know that when you invest in Freshchat live chat software, you have access to an in-built chatbot  that can provide better support for your customers? Freshchat’s chatbot builder is a no-code solution that enables you to create a unique chatbot for your SaaS business.

chatbot saas

We approached BelITsoft with a concept, and they were able to convert it into a multi-platform software solution. Their team members are skilled, agile and attached to

their work, all of which paid dividends as our software grew in complexity. Belitsoft company delivered dedicated development team for our products, and technical

specialists for our clients’ custom development needs. Both chatbots were tested manually using positive and negative test cases. Leverage the power of machine learning, NLP & NLU to design your very own chatbot. You can also integrate bots into global support efforts and ease the need for international hiring and training.

What is the most popular chat bot?

It helps in creating robust and intelligent chatbots for websites and other social media messaging platforms like Messenger and Slack. With ProProfs Chatbot, you get AI-powered bots that can be built with a simple drag-and-drop editor. We offer a plethora of chatbot templates to help you deploy your bots faster. As a result, you can keep customers engaged and delight them instantly. It is one of the oldest and largest chatbot hosting platforms in the world.

Users click on particular options or fill out query forms, and are guided to linked solutions. Full-suite live chat solution with automations, customizable widget, multichannel integrations and easy installation. ChatBot lets your team come together and contribute their expertise to create perfect customer interactions.


Plus, it is taught entirely by human trainers, which means it can occasionally generate incorrect answers. It has a well-designed dashboard where you can see the users’ interactions in a graphical view. Certainly, XeroChat’s every feature has a handy and precise interface to create and edit campaigns, staying in the same place. All the campaigns will be included in a list from where you can see the reports of the campaigns and edit, delete and clone the campaigns. Visitors land on your website, and your Chatbot greets them, then starts a conversation and gets right down to helping them solve their problems. You can scale your SaaS business with Chatbots by increasing your website engagement levels.

chatbot saas

For example, you can use the API for WhatsApp chatbots to integrate your system into a chatbot service and create self-service workflows for your business. Azure Bot Service is a highly intelligent tool for building a conversational AI platform. Its integration with Power Virtual Agents makes it easy for developers of all technical backgrounds to create bots with no coding experience required.

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Some of them come with source codes, so you can simply copy&paste the relevant parts. They have received a massive makeover in terms of their interface and functionality. Once used as a small tool for websites to enhance their conversions, chatbots have evolved by leaps and bounds. The first chatbot came into existence even before personal computers were launched. It was the brainchild of Joseph Weizenbaum, who introduced chatbot in the year 1966. It was named Eliza, which used the keywords provided to it as input and processes the response as per the defined rules.

What is cloud based chatbot?


Derived from “chat robot”, ‘chatbots’ allow for highly engaging, conversational experiences, through voice and text, that can be customized and used on mobile devices, web browsers, and on popular chat platforms such as Facebook Messenger, or Slack.

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